Hoppers Crossing – Will’s Story

As UpRide grows patterns begin to emerge. Specific types of unnecessary dangers happen at far high frequencies than you’d expect. Certain common behaviours are illustrated, and hot spots are identified.

This week we focus on the hot spot Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne.

One local UpRider, Will has taken up the challenge and been on a mission to help make cycling safer in his local area. Having recorded his rides for almost two years, Will has uploaded over 55 incidents that have received over 3,000 views.

Will has seen it all on the road, close calls, chicken runs, bad roads, animal encounters, and the closest of near misses. Watch some of Will’s incidents and read why he always records his ride and what he thinks can be done to improve cycling safety.

We thank Will for his amazing effort and contribution to UpRide. BUT, he can’t do it alone! Be part of the future of cycling safety and become an UpRider today.

Record your ride. Make it count.

Why do you record your ride?

Will came back to cycling in March 2020 at the beginning of COVID and the start of lockdowns. Soon after he quickly noticed and unfortunately experienced “poor drivers and belligerent driver behaviours” and started to document it all on his Cycliq Fly6 and Fly12.

“In April 2021, I witnessed a deliberate hit and run on a pedestrian. My Fly6 captured the vehicle leaving the scene and with a partial plate and distinctive markings on the car, the police were able to use the video from the Fly6 in the prosecution. This is when I realised the potential of recording my ride.”

What do you think about UpRide?

“UpRide is great for spreading awareness of the challenge and dangers that cyclists face. The plotting of incidents highlights incident hotspots, poorly planned roads and poorly maintained infrastructure. I use the UpRide footage to address these issues with local authorities and the police.”

What do you think are the most important things that can be done to improve safety for cyclists?

  • Better planning to physically separate bike lanes from traffic. Perhaps putting the cycle lane on the left, then parking, and then live traffic.
  • Enforcement of the minimum passing distance laws
  • Stricter penalties for heavy vehicle infringements
  • Better signage to designate bike lanes

What is your advice for other cyclists?

• Stay safe.
• Record your ride.
• Being seen, use lights day and night and reflective clothing
• Practice good roadcraft
• Know and follow the road rules

Want to share your story?

We’d love to hear from you. If you would like to share your stories and experience as a cyclist please reach out to the UpRide team.