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As we reflect on the last two years of, we are so proud of our community of UpRider’s for posting over 6,000 incidents and together helping to make cycling safer. But there can only be one Super UpRider. Let us introduce to you Kwinten.

Kwinten has taken up the challenge and been on a mission to help make cycling safer. Having been an UpRider for almost two years, Kwinten has uploaded over 420 incidents which have received over 21,000 views. Kwinten has seen it all on the road, close calls, close passes, chicken runs, punishment passes, and too many “what in the world” moments.

Watch some of Kwinten’s incidents below and read why he always records his ride and what he thinks can be done to improve cycling safety.

We thank Kwinten for his amazing effort and contribution to UpRide and making the roads safer for cyclists. BUT, he can’t do it alone! Be part of the future of cycling safety and become an UpRider today.

Record your ride. Make it count.

Why do you record your ride?

Kwinten began recording his rides in 2018 on the Fly6 and Fly12 after being in a crash in 2017.

Following this incident, Kwinten became “a big advocate for cyclist safety. I started to call the police on cars blocking the bike path and signal dangerous situations.”

“I think I record over 400 hours a year and tend to film a lot of incidents close to home. UpRide allows me to send these incidents to our local politicians.”

“Knowing that I can push two buttons to lock the footage and upload it later, helps me to remain calm in situations.”

But it’s not just for the safety aspect, Kwinten also enjoys capturing his KOM feats, nice sceneries, and fun moments with his family and friends.

What do you think are the most important things that can be done to improve safety for cyclists?

  1. Awareness of car drivers and their impact on our safety.
  2. Good infrastructure – particularly without conflicting situations.
  3. Visibility (using lights, especially when riding in the dark) and being able to listen to your surroundings (ie no music.)

What is your advice for other cyclists?

“First of all; ride a lot and enjoy it! This should be the main driver for every cyclist.”

“Secondly, work on your and others’ safety. Yesterday I passed a dangerous situation (fallen power lines) on of the most-used cycling routes in Belgium. I took the time to make an emergency call to fix the situation. It takes me 3 minutes and all other cyclists will benefit from it. By the time I passed again later that day, it was solved.”

Super UpRider
Super UpRider
Super UpRider
Super UpRider

Want to share your story?

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