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UpRide is a movement to make cycling safer. 

If you ride on the road, it’s getting harder to get home safely. More distracted, dangerous drivers and infrastructure that hasn’t kept up with demand. It’s tough out there, and it’s time to do something about it. 

We believe there are three things that can change the safety equation for bike riders. Raising AWARENESS of how big the problem is and the changes that can be made to make sure every road user gets home safely. Influencing planning priorities with the only real-world INFORMATION on cycling black spots. Getting the evidence needed to PROSECUTE drivers who continue to put lives at risk.

Make your mark on improving cycling safety by posting your footage of any incidents you’ve encountered. When you add to UpRide, everyone benefits. 

UpRide - How can we make Cycling safer?


Cycling on the roads is getting more dangerous all the time. The first step toward change is helping people understand how bad the problem really is. Your videos on UpRide help people see what is happening, but more importantly, they let people know where it’s happening.

UpRide - How can we make Cycling safer?


The single best way to increase safety for cyclists on the road is better infrastructure. At the moment there is no good source of information that shows the what, how and why of road safety incidents. UpRide is here to change all that with real video of real cycling safety incidents.

UpRide - How can we make Cycling safer?


Without video evidence, a crash on the road can come down to your word against theirs. Video evidence is becoming increasingly important in prosecuting irresponsible drivers. UpRide gives authorities the evidence they need to prosecute and educate road users who choose to put others in danger.

UpRide - How can we make Cycling safer?


You know the type. “I’m sure they wouldn’t have done that” or “No-one would be that stupid” … except, unfortunately, we know different. While it’s hard to believe some of the crazy behaviour that happens on the road, the best defence is crystal clear video that leaves no room for debate.

As well as stopping another ‘he-said, she-said’ defence dead in its tracks, having video evidence helps everyone understand the how and why of those “what-the-hell-just-happened” moments.

And it’s the how and why that shape the steps that can be taken to improve safety for everyone, from cycling infrastructure to driver education to cyclists’ personal protection measures.

That’s why we insist on video-only incidents for UpRide. So, record your ride and join the movement.