Head on, with Paul from Taunton.

As we reflect on the last few years of UpRide.cc, we are so proud of the community of UpRider’s for posting over 10,000 incidents and together, helping to make cycling safer. With many of our users uploading over 20 incidents to UpRide, we’re glad to see the platform performing its desired task as a cycling safety hub and awareness platform.

Let us introduce our friend Paul.

Paul hails from Taunton in England, and recently suffered a nasty crash in which he required surgery and 2 of the 3 bikes involved in the crash were a write off. Thankfully Paul is due to make a full recovery and there’s been some positive correspondence with law enforcement since the event. Paul is an avid cyclist, and says he always rides with a Cycliq Fly12 light and camera.

“I had an email from the police this weekend who have confirmed that based on the video provided there is sufficient evidence to take further action against the driver. We are so pleased to have had the video evidence which is also supporting the insurance claim and clearly hard to dispute.”

“I can see cameras becoming commonplace with cyclists, just as they have with motorists.”

Record your ride. Make it count.
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Why do you record your ride?

“I was on a ride last year when a friend was involved in a serious collision with a van. When the police arrived the first thing they asked was did anyone have the incident recorded – which we didn’t – but it got us all thinking about this and the benefits of doing so. My friend and I both bought a Fly12.” 

What do you think about UpRide?

“It’s interesting looking at the incidents and seeing some awful incidents. Sometimes a bit scary!”

What do you think are the most important things that can be done to improve safety for cyclists on the road?

“Educate both drivers and cyclists to respect each other. As well as careless and bad driving, I see some dreadful cycling too which unfortunately gives cyclists a bad reputation too.”

If reported, what was the reporting process?

“The police were called to the incident along with 2 ambulances as the vehicle took out 3 cyclists. Statements were taken roadside and the video uploaded to them.”

What is your advice for other cyclists?

“I am actively encouraging my circle of cycling friends to get cameras and many have said they are going to do so. I’ve been exploring the benefits of a Fly6 too.”

Thanks for using UpRide Paul. We wish you a speedy recovery!

Want to share your story?

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