Close call, with J from Florida.

As we reflect on the last few years of, we are so proud of the community of UpRider’s for posting over 10,000 incidents and together, helping to make cycling safer. With many of our users uploading over 20 incidents to UpRide, we’re glad to see the platform performing its desired task as a cycling safety hub and awareness platform.

Let us introduce UpRider J, who hails from Florida, and was recently involved in a very close call with a Jeep. Thankfully nobody was hurt and there’s been some correspondence with law enforcement since the event.

J is an avid cyclist, and says he always rides with a Cycliq Fly12 and Fly6 light and camera.

“When the incident first occurred, the Sheriff’s office said to call 911 and they’ll get someone in the area to observe the driver and if they observe them driving recklessly then they will address the situation. Not overly effective, but that may just be the law in Florida.

In Texas I had a driver intentionally run me off the road from an oncoming lane. When I talked to the deputy he told me he wished I had it recorded on camera, because he could use the recording. That incident is what led to me recording every ride since!”

“I can see cameras becoming commonplace with cyclists, just as they have with motorists.”

“I love Cycliq products and will continue to use them. Thanks a lot.”

Always record your ride. Make it count. UpRide it.

Why do you record your ride?

“I’ve had trouble with motorists in the past and want to have evidence if anything should happen to me. ” 

Do you always ride with Cycliq products? And which products do you use? 

“I use the Cycliq front (Fly12 ) and rear (Fly6) cameras every ride.” 

What do you think about UpRide? 

“I think it’s a great resource to alert other cyclists in the area to any hazards, animals or busy roads with crazy drivers. Especially anyone that may be new to the area. It also shines a light on drivers who put cyclists lives in danger and makes them aware they are being recorded. I think that alone will make drivers more aware or make safer passes.”

What are the most important things that can be done to improve road safety for cyclists? 

“I think bicycle lanes with a divider between them and the road. This would prevent motorists from drifting into the bike lanes and to prevent them from parking there.”

What is your advice for other cyclists?

“Be cautious about roads with no bike lane or shoulder. Record your ride; most accidents I’ve read about have been hit and runs.”

Want to share your story?

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