A group of highly visible cyclists riding lawfully and responsibly was “close passed” by a clearly identifiable Bevchain truck, number plate FOX747. The incident was later confirmed as having occurred by the company, which asserted that the driving was acceptable behaviour. Acceptable behaviour was demonstrated by the white truck earlier.

Now you see why there aren’t many cyclists in Lancashire. Routine moderately alarming close pass by 2 lorries at speed in succession- there are vehicle in the oncoming lane so they just overtake anyway, as they know there is no possibility of action by Lancashire Constabulary, who couldn’t care less. I have enough ignored such police reports already, so this one wasn’t reported. Time on the video is GMT

This older bearded man in the small black pickup yelled some bicycle-specific nonsense out the window and then brake-checked me when I told him off. I decided to take a detour along the canal, but he proceeded to follow me around the neighborhood in a very creepy way.

This kind of aggressive, threatening behavior needs to be stopped before this guy tries to power trip on someone less intent on de-escalating the situation. Revoke aggressive driver’s licenses, they should not be able to continue to threaten people and intentionally try cause collisions like this.

This bridge over the canal needs traffic calming since drivers speed over it and also use the bottleneck to be abusive towards people on bicycles. They like to yell out their window at this bridge and then drive in a way where they clearly are trying to cause a collision. This has happened to me a number of times at this location, only a few of which I have caught on film.

I also have personally seen people walking here who were nearly hit by drivers speeding over this canal bridge. You can’t see what is on the other side of the bridge where it would be reasonable to slow down, yet it seems to bring out a lot of dangerous driving in this particular section where it temporarily widens out.

California plate 82569T2 small black Chevy pickup, driver had a graying beard

Truck passed way too close. I motioned for him to provide more room next time. He proceeded to pull over and lunged at me as I passed spewing a wide variety of curse words. Scary scenario.