Guy just decided to turn left / pull in front of me. I’m wearing high vis kit with a banging blinking light on the front.

Close pass by tow truck whilst I was just passing a parked car.

My bike is covered in reflectors and I had a blinking rear light going. There was no reason to pass me within the lane, especially as I’m near the center. There’s also a center turn lane available. The next car to pass does it correctly.

Towing vehicle plated AR 97462 from 3D Towing services decided to honk his horn while passing me. I was cycling at 40 km/hr in a 50 km/hr zone, and as you can see, there is plently of space.

I cycle only a few minutes on the Lakeshore Road in Mississauga, and pretty much every time, there is an angry driver. I report all events to Peel police.

If I sounded mad, it’s because I was. His excuse was that he had to pass because of an oncoming car. He apologized, but he’s still getting reported. Absolutely unnecessary, especially with my kid on the bike.

A truck overtook me too close and at sustained speed, for a moment I heard the air that was making me skid

Close pass by impatient truck on the left hand side whilst trying to get myself from the closed bike lane to the right turn lane. Needing to make right turn down the street to access bridge to the North western bike path. You can see they are slowly trying to install some lights (think for fire station, not sure if for pedestrians) just before this turn off, however that construction has been going for months.

Truck driver definitely did NOT give the legal 1m distance either times he drove past us.
(Later we saw he was driving one-handed whilst eating)
(Apologies for incorrect date/time)

This is an 80kph zone where the law requires a minimum passing distance of 1.5 metres. Not twenty centimetres.

Employer contacted.