So hard to wait for through traffic and then a close pass to finish.

FWD unsafe and illegal overtake…incoming traffic and too close. Then turns right, no indication and trailer lights not hooked up. From what I think the driver was saying apparently I was in the wrong….go figure. Not just LACK N CASH by their driving. Long video so you can see how far back they entered this road from……also without indicating. This is why I now have back and front cameras.

Just another pair of impatient drivers

People often try to pass near this bridge over a canal where they can’t see oncoming traffic. They also pass in this area a lot while in intersections, and do not even fully change lanes when they do so. I expect there to be a collision between motor vehicles near this canal bridge due to the amount of speeding and negligent passes I’ve personally experienced.

Close pass by truck and trailer on the Reid Highway in Carine. Was traveling in the bike lane and felt the truck close pass. Not sure if it was intended but I have my doubts. The Fly 12 vision has the truck coming over almost completely into the lane. check it out.

is this intimidation? sure felt like it with the close pass whilst in a bike lane. The way the truck continues to drift further into the lane after the pass.

Dans une rue à sens unique montante limitée à 30km/h,un camion benne est incapable de patienter, me double sans distance de sécurité et se rabat sur moi sans hésitation 🤬

Went by me on a corner so fast the camera couldn’t read the license plate. Turned it into a 2-for, passed the vehicle ahead of me on a blind crest and even managed to get a couple of tires off the road onto the shoulder for good measure. Some days it is tricky to discern the drunk drivers from the ones that are just bad at driving here on PEI…

Thug semi trailer driver blasts horn and tries to bully his way past on twisty section of Stadium Drive. Follows too closely forcing rider to slow down to establish a safe following gap. Driver needs to re-sit his driving test and learn public roads are for all users to share.

Driver simply needs to give me more space when passing me.