Service Stream Van did not give any room when passing and deliberately hit me in the process. Did not stop when l banged on the back door. Will ring Service Stream and report the driver for dangerous driving.

Approaching traffic lights, and a junction, ON a zebra crossing, but has to get to work at all costs. Clips the rider who then has to avoid a pedestrian preparing to cross…

Car cuts over cycling lane to turn into parking without checking, with little indication.
no injuries as I was being wary on the ride and riding defensively, still – sudden movement from car left no time for reaction

Classic roundabout misbehaviour : driver can’t wait to turn right and overtakes first (by my left side) then turn right to get out on the first exit. I was going straight ahead and I had to break violently to avoid contact, but I fell. Thanks to my Fly12 Gendarmerie Officer didn’t charge me for lack of control of my bike. I hope the video will also teach the driver why she have to turn her head and look through the side window and wing-mirror (my old child dream) and not only windshield.

The car starts from the stop sign just when I pass. I’mm propelled on its hood then released to the ground, like a pizza in the oven.

Truck passed me on the left after indicating twice that I was turning and had already moved over into the left side of the right lane. Truck passed over double yellow which is illegal in addition to incredibly irresponsible.

Riding home from work I was hit by a car turning into the bike lane without yielding. I did not have time to stop so hit them hard.

Driver made a left turn when I had the right-of-way making my own left turn. Managed to slow down considerably on wet pavement, but not enough!

CWH86V (NSW) is driving alongside me then puts on its left blinker and pulls over across my path. Knew I was there as they passed me and should have kept watch.

Car driver failed to negotiate a left turn causing a near miss, which causes me to hit the brakes, stopping in front of the car, then car driver mistakes accelerator for brake and hits me.