Driver initiated a left turn towards a driveway without signaling, just as I was glancing back to check for overtaking traffic. Multiple injuries and a totaled steel frame.

Impatient older driver decided they had to get passed and ran over traffic island in their hurry.
Clipped me with his wing mirror and just drove on.

Rego BPU O1L

I was cycling with approx. 40 km/h on a bus lane that is explicitly allowed to be used by bicycles, too. Left to the bus lane, the normal traffic is on a separate lane. The bus lane continues, and the normal traffic has to merge into what was previously the bus lane. In other words, the bus lane continues and is then the only remaining lane. Shortly before the lanes merge, a lorry passed by and immediately braked hard to a standstill. The lorry merged into my lane leaving me a distance of approx. 6 m only. I had no chance to come to a standstill, crashed into the back lorry. The lorry driver stopped and looked after me; turned out to be a nice guy. He obviously underestimated my speed.

Public Bus cut me off a couple times then stopped in front of me in the middle of a roundabout resulting in a crash. Minor injuries, bloody knees, stiff neck, minor bruises and minimal bike damage, lucky it wasn’t worse.

Crossed the intersection on a green light. Driver on the cross street took the left hand turn lane to merge into my lane. It was his responsibility to give way but instead he ran into the back of my bike, causing me to crash.

Biking along Tuam Street NZ Post Courier didn’t give way crossing cycle lane and hit me

Freewheeling, High-viz jacket and gloves, flashing front light and i’m a big guy AND he still doesn’t see me!

Riding east bound when Valerie Singleton decided to pass me with oncoming traffic. Her passenger door mirror clipped my mirror causing me to loose my balance. Driver never stopped and stated to police when called on 11/28/2023 that she “did not remember impacting anyone or anything at the time”.

My video from my Fly 6 and 12 was provided to the police which helped locate this individual.

Driver’s attorney viewed video on 12/07/2023 and received the citation on driver’s behalf for “Failure to Report a Crash”.