Struck by an 80 yr old who couldn’t even apologise! 2nd ride for Spring, another sore elbow!

Same incident – but from the Fly 12. Glad I’ve got strong elbows – nice bruise!

Car deliberately tried to hit and force me off the road by use of close pass and opening rear door. WATCH 2nd CAR. Riding along the B6428, Newstead lane, between Fitzwillian and Havercroft in West Yorkshire (02/09/22) Fortunately car door missed my bike but did clatter into my right hand causing soft tissue injury. An incident which could have caused serious injury in my view

Motorcycle food delivery fell after being stopped by a guard to let cars out of the office building.

The group was stopped at a red-light.
The intersection has another side street coming in perpendicular (on the left in the video). The car/driver was attempting to “creep in”, from the side street, through the stop sign, into the middle of the group. One rider stopped in front of this car to assert the group’s right of way and ensure safe passage through the intersection. The driver became enraged, honked the horn, floored the accelerator (squealing tires), and struck the rider. Until the video was turned in, the police were only going to issue a minor ticket.
After the video was turned in, the driver was arrested.

Clearly the driver passes through this stop without looking of what came from his left…

Close pass became a hit. Video screen shot was used to provide FHP with vehicle info. Driver was ticketed for the accident and for leaving the scene. Elbow was swollen and bruised so I got an X-ray. Nothing broken.

Cycling infrastructure often removes the cyclist from the flow of traffic for “safety”, but when there’s such a convoluted piece of road as this, it can make the cyclist nearly invisible when it dumps them back onto the road. A terrible junction full of distractions. If I hadn’t been removed from the flow of traffic, this would never have happened. I do actually feel sorry for the driver in this instance, he seemed a nice guy and was genuinely upset this had happened.

Van followed me for 100 metres with unobstructed view then decided to turn left across my going straight ahead. He did not stop. The local police were reluctant to prosecute the driver because “it looked like I was going to turn left”. Eventually, the driver got a fine of a few hundred dollars.