Why should I drive within the speed limit on a roundabout when there is a bike in the way.

32 views | October 16, 2021

Incident type: Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident: Irene Street, Mooroobool Queensland 4870, Australia


I entered a roundabout where both bikes and cars use the one lane. Coming from my left is a white Holden Astra, I noticed he wasn't slowing down as I was coming around the roundabout. Given that I was doing 30 kilometres an hour which is the speed limit on this particular roundabout, this meant he must have been exceeding the speed limit. I exited off the roundabout & he followed me getting very close (unfortunately the camera doesn't capture this), he said something to me then he veered into the the bike lane in front of me forcing me onto the should of the road & as you can see he didn't even indicate not to mention he was way too close for comfort. All of this was completely unnecessary. I am so glad I have this camera, the picture tells a thousand words & highlights just how careless & wreckless some motorists really are.