Parksituation im Dickneweg und Diegelsberger Straße in Ebersbach an der Fils

23 views | December 24, 2022

Incident type: Bad road/path
Location of incident: Dickneweg 10, 73061 Ebersbach an der Fils, Germany


The parking situation in Dickneweg and Diegelsberger Straße was now you can only park on the left up to the intersection with Landhausstraße and from the signage on Diegelsberger Straße you can sometimes only park on the left side and no longer on the right side of the street and sometimes also in places on both sides of the street Parking on the left side of the street and right side of the street, not allowed to park up to Teckstraße like before. Parking up the Diegelsberger Straße towards Diegelsberger is partially prohibited in places.