Oxford St Bus Cut Up (Again!)

25 views | November 17, 2020

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: a Oxford Street, Darlinghurst New South Wales 2010, Australia


A 333 Bus Driver didn’t want to use the Bus Lane with two cyclists in due to the perception that cyclists are slow. You know what else is slow? Buses and Sydney traffic! The bus uses the middle lane and attempts to over take the cyclists. The driver misjudges the cyclists speed and the buses ability to accelerate past the riders and the driver doesn’t fully overtake them. The driver then cuts back into the bus lane with no consideration of the cyclists forcing the riders to stop or get hit. There is no patience or foresight with a lot of Sydney Bus drivers. Instead of showing a few seconds of patience and sit behind cyclists they instead choose to do risky manoeuvres that  don’t save time because they have to stop at  bus stop