MGIF – Must Get In Front

38 views | December 1, 2021

Incident type: Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident: Sandgate Street, South Perth Western Australia 6151, Australia


Speed limit here is clearly signed 40km/h being in front of a child care center and a school zone. I was sitting on 38-42km/h. Mr MGIF deliberately overtook me on a double white line, through a section of chicanes. The chicanes are deliberately narrow to slow traffic, so he squeezed me going past. You can hear me braking after the bump. Obviously it was necessary to do above the speed limit to pass me. Had two kids in his car wearing Wesley College uniforms. He didn't save even a second of time, as the intersection where he stopped was right in front of us both. He was completely aware of his dangerous driving, as when I pulled up next to him he 'waved' at me. As an old boy of this supposedly elite school, the current generation of parents really give me the ****s with their disregard for the road rules and the safety of the general public who they think aren't as good as them. Good example to the little treasures in the car too, I expect the next generation of bell-ends is learning from his example.