Cranston Bike Path DPW Worker

41 views | July 1, 2022

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: New London Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island 02920, United States


I was riding on the Cranston Bike Path in Cranston Rhode Island when a public works employee hunted me down with his vehicle. Be aware that objects in the video are closer what they appear. As I proceeded north on the path the worker was in the proper lane. As we approached each other he started to come over to the center line and then on to my side. I yell at him and came to a complete stop because I was waiting for him to give me a hand signal to let me know if he wanted me to pass him on the left. He did not slow down, and I then realized he was going to hit me. I now realized that I would not be able to accelerate fast enough to get out of his way, so I jumped off the bike and got off the path. He passed within a foot of me and still had his high-power blower on and shot debris at me. I reported this to the Cranston Police Dept. They said he did not break any laws and there was nothing they could do. If I could post two videos, I would show my rear-view camera where after the worker passed me, he hunted down a pedestrian who was on the other side of the path. The pedestrian was able to stay clear.