BTP Ride

28 views | March 15, 2022

Incident type: Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident: Queen Anne Bridge Road, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20774, United States


Reckless driver passing a large group of cyclists on a narrow two-way road. The driver with no care for his/herself nor the cyclists insisted on blidly passing the cyclists on a winding road. At the time of their passing we were approaching a very sharp bend (right) in the road of which shortly after a small intersection (3-way stop) with low visibility where we have to navigate the left turn after ensuring it's clear. This driver with no regard for the cyclists or the fact there could very well had been an oncoming vehicle either in the sharp bend or exiting the low visibilty intersection. And if that's not enough, we all would have been cleared safely in less than .05-miles. Just impatient and reckless for no reason.