Blind Hill & Curve Pass – Hit and Run

218 views | March 9, 2018

Incident type: Crash
Location of incident: East Lawson Road, Jonesboro, Arkansas 72404, United States


I was riding my bicycle east on E. Lawson Rd. in Jonesboro, AR, on March 9, 2018, at approximately 5:30 PM when an older female in a white Chevy Colorado attempted to pass me near the crest of the hill. She made no attempt to slow down to wait for a safe passing area and instead crossed over into the oncoming lane with no regard for approaching vehicles. When the front of her vehicle was alongside me, she began swerving in my direction to avoid an oncoming vehicle and crowded me to the extreme edge of the road (there is no shoulder in this area). She continued to move in my direction and as her truck made contact with me, I forcibly struck her passenger side mirror with my left hand to prevent being knocked over (and possibly under the rear wheel). This caused the mirror to fold back against the window of her truck and may have caused damage to the plastic housing or the mirror itself. I immediately stopped at the edge of the driveway for the residence at 709 E. Lawson Rd. She applied her brakes and slowed momentarily, but then continued on out of sight.