Blind Curves? No Faz Mal

18 views | April 18, 2021

Incident type: Close pass/Bad driving
Location of incident: Saint Stephens Church Road, Crownsville, Maryland 21032, United States


Unfortunately, the person in the car decided that he / she needed to pass me heading own hill into a blind curve with the potential with crossing traffic and/or oncoming traffic. Lovely, just lovely.

I was going south on St. Stephens Church Road in Crownsville, MD. As I started down the hill, approaching my right-hand turn onto John Hopkins, I took the lane as the road surface is horrible – lots of cracks, scaling and potholes. Additionally, you pick-up quite a bit of speed going down the hill and need to reposition to safely make the right hand turn. At the bottom of the hill is a blind turn/curve to the right as St. Stephens Church Road continues on. It’s not uncommon for oncoming traffic to turn left onto John’s Hopkins. So, the safest option is to take the lane – which is also completely legal in this situation.