As my husband and I approached the stop sign, we noticed a red truck travelling east on Ward Rd, Lugoff, SC slowing down. He did not have on his blinker, but it looked like he was slowing to make the left turn anyway so we came to a stop at the stop sign. He then started his turn early, as if we was going to turn directly into us. My husband yelled at him, and he jumped straight out of the truck like he was going to punch my husband. His attitude changed when I said I have him on video. You can see the rest.

Saturday riding on a country road with no traffic

Local decides he is not waiting to pass and illegally pushes past a bit too close for comfort.

Bike lane ends just before the intersection and starts again a little  later on the other side. So you are forced to mix it with the traffic on a narrow lane which unless the light is red, is travelling at 80kph.

Bike riders (5 riders in total) were waiting at the southern end of the dedicated cycle lane on the corner of Stanley St and Annerly Road. Cycle light at the crossing as red while we were waiting. The Cycle/Pedestrian light changed to green and we proceeded to cross the intersection over the the Mater Childrens hospital side where we waited to proceed to cross Stanley St. The Left Turn traffic light was also red (as seen in the video). The vechile tried to cross the cycle/pedestrian crossing while the red arrow was present for them and the cycle/pedestrian light was green. I did notice this and pointed up to the driver in the direction of the traffic lights indicating that it was red. After all of the cyclists/pedestrians had finished crossing, and the left turn arrow was still red, the driver then continued to turn left.

A sports Ute turned left at a round about Infront of a recumbent rider after putting itself next to the rider illegally.

Close pass by a ute in an 80 kph zone. Also shows some pretty poor lane discipline.

Probably missed me by about sixty centimeters.

Following diversions from Perth PSP due to Freeway widening, heading up Elderberry Drive when Ute decided to turn across the front of me.  No traffic in front of me and plenty of time to let me pass the junction before manouvering. Time was just before 6am

Same guy, exactly the same location, 2 months apart