Unnecessary close pass into oncoming traffic.
Busniesss name on the car – Langdale Electrical

We were a bunch of 5, clearly visible and this guy thinks he can jump ahead of us (illegally) to save himself 10 seconds, as he proceeds to drove 250 meters and turns into the coffee shop?!
Must have needed his caffeine fix badly!

Given the chronic failure of the local government to clean bike lanes many cyclists ride to the right of the lane. This does not exempt motorists from passing with a minimum 1.5 metre gap on this road. That’s the law.

This guy barely even made an attempt.

undable to give space
unable to slow down

Driver moves from right lane to left and tries to beat me to the corner. At least they looked

Unnecessary close pass
Even got a business name on the side of the car

Close pass just metres after a sign advising motorists to leave a gap. This guy didn’t even try.

Unnecessary close pass plus a decent dose of diesel to boot!

As we rode down Kintail Road from Fraser Road, a ute made a right turn in front of us into Kintail Road and forced us to slow down (else we would have been hit).
The ute sped off only to perform a narrow overtake around a rider ahead.