We were passed by a Ute on the wrong side of the road towing a large horse float on a blind corner with no verges. The horse float was nearly hit by a car coming in the opposite direction.

Elderly man driving, perhaps we need people to retake driving test at a certain age

Standard Lancashire close pass, where the other lane is packed with traffic so the Land Rover overtakes anyway. The notable feature is that the vehicle has no MOT (expired almost 4 months before) and Lancashire Constabulary won’t do anything about that either. Time on the video is GMT

What real benefit is there to tooting?

Pickering Brook, WA – Saturday morning at 8.31am. Idiot in pick up truck (Registration: HAYNSIE) decides to overtake a group of 5 cyclists who were travelling down the hill at 55km/h+, then slowing as we approached our turn off on the right. He goes around the outside of a bend to get into the middle of us, then having to emergency brake, whilst applying the horn for our temerity to be on his road and needing to slow to turn off it. Sigh.

6.30am on a Friday morning, a group of 11 of us are just passing through Cottesloe when the tradie in the grey ute decides to try a chicken run on the other side of the road into the path of an oncoming vehicle which had to apply brakes hard to avoid a collision. 1km further up the road we passed him, parked up and sitting in his vehicle drinking his coffee before starting work on a building under construction. He’d have got to work around 20 seconds earlier thanks to this stupid move!

Pickup driver decides she must get to the queue at the traffic lights first, if she could see the queue over the rise that is!
Police advised that she did everything right in giving me plenty of room, but she just run out of road due to the queuing traffic.

Silver Toyota Hilux, “YFV 72B” failed to maintain 1.5 meter distance from me, in a 70km/h road.

Very close pass + Bonus not giving way