Driver came up behind me, clearly driving in the ride side lane. The bike lane stopped before the roundabout, so I took the lane, and was clearly owning the lane approaching the roundabout, then the driver decided to cut me off very close.
This has been reported to Police.

6am in the morning and very little traffic around, heading through a junction when the idiot in the V8 ute (registration 1CLL841) decides that he would like to be a big man and purposely come into the bus & bike lane that I am in so that he can inditimidate me off the road by driving right up to my rear wheel whilst revving his engine. When I pointed out that he was now on camera he didn’t take it well, deciding to give me a close pass while shouting colourful metaphors at me and gunning his big engine. Clearly he must be compensating for something that is too small in his life.

Approaching a roundabout at slow pace, the vehicle was not indicating a left turn but as I approached the driver moved left into my path.

Empty lane to the right. Driver received a caution.

The Driver of a ute went through red light at cycleway crossing

The driver of a ute with with a trailer full of stuff runs red light

Two drivers went through the lights after they had turned red

Atrocious driving of Christchurch drivers running red lights

Traffic was quite heavy but moving slowly and this driver using the bike lane. My yell was a bit excessive