A motocross with three riders (and no registration) ripping the PSP sounthbound under Warwick road in Duncraig.
Not the first motorcycle I have seen there.

Cycling along Royal Esplanade, Manly, when passed closely, (less than 50cm) by a motorbike rider being filmed by an accompanying Toyota Corolla. On reviewing the camera footage, the rear camera show the motorbike rider sticking his foot out to kick me. The video has been sent to Queensland Police.

Routine passing of a red traffic light on the A6 northbound at Garstang. This is common because Lancashire Constabulary effectively condones the offence by refusing to take action against it, and they won’t do anything at all about this either. The motorcycle bears an ‘L’ plate.

Motorcycle passed too close and way too fast in the bus lane outside

Two mini motorcyclist passed closing while driving towards head on. They where in my lane going the wrong direction

heading North on the Shared path when a motorbike came in the opposite direction. ie from the north and going south. not wanting to share the path this way too often. check out the fly12 video.