Having taken the lane to proceed through the 2 closely located intersections, a Learners motorcyclist decided to pass on my left in the middle of the intersection.
I will be making a community roadwatch report regarding this incident.

Guy on motorbike running red light at cycleway crossing on Lincoln Rd

The person on this motorbike was in to much of a hurry to stop for lights i think

We can see the motorcycle on the left hand side of the white band of the pedestrian crossing and I’m slightly to the left of another one. Each band are 60 cm wide.

Doing the math, there is about 1,0 m from my center line to the center line of the bike, the issue: motorcycle is likely 40 cm and myself too. Remaining distance is only 20 cm, there was plenty of space available. Riding a bike is scary, so many events like this.

Schedule 43 of the highway traffic article 439,2 requires to leave 1 m space to bicycles

Motorcycle speeding (speed limit is 30 km/h), overtaking cyclists in cycling zone and overtaking a car which is already overtaking.
Note that the car as well made an error by overtaking a cyclist.

Intimidation of a motor cyclist as they pass 2 abreast cyclists.

First scooter doesn’t use his seat while riding, which seems dangerous.
At the end of the clip, you see them yelling to a crossing old lady who has the priority over them.

A scooter bike making a close pass by cutting 3-4 lanes