I was going straight on at the roundabout when a signed van comes along side and when we arrived at the roundabout the driver turned left in front of me. The van hit my leg as I struggled to keep upright. The van then beeped the horn and did not stop.

Another case in point incident that demonstrates why a white line does zero to protect vulnerable road users. Riding north up Barrack Street in the early afternoon and I very nearly get cleaned up by the red Hyundai i20 and he decides to cut into the bike lane so he is not delayed by a turning car. To be fair on the driver and his passenger, they did apologise when I rode up to them afterwards (sadly a rarity in these situations)

Cycling down Hewletts Road and a car starts indicating and turning into the bus lane without checking if the lane was clear. Just missed me.

Traffic was stationary at a roundabout so I rode across when there was a gap. A car approached the roundabout in front of me and did not even look as he went across.

Dangerous u turn made by driver in white Kia Sportage, not looking for oncoming traffic.

Pulls out in front of cyclist almost hitting them.

Close call, plenty of space given but still gave me a shock at the speed of opening.

Then brake and move to the left to brake hard and tell me to take the cycle path
However, the overtaking distance was good.
But the anticipation 🙁

This was compounded by inclement conditions and a wet road surface. We were riding into the roundabout at Bauer Street and See Street, Bargara from the south on See Street. A silver sedan heading east on Bauer Street (on our left) approached the roundabout the rider in front of me had entered. Fortunately he had slowed to a point where he almost stopped as the silver sedan came straight through the roundabout without any consideration for the cyclist or the road rules.