The driver pulled out of a side street without stopping and without looking.

driver went by at 50mph (80kmph) and gave us the finger when she went by. Called the police and told them about the pass and video evidence so they went to her house and confronted her.

Nearly got doored by illegally parked roadwork (? Council) truck on the early morning commute. Unfortunately was not able to capture the license plate.

A van overtook disregarding the safety of the cyclist.

They were looking down at their phone before pulling out. I imagine they would have used the classic “the sun was in my eyes!” argument had we collided. Flashing blinker on the front made no different, but the horn got their attention at least.

I was trying to complete the final 2 miles to home before meeting up with the approaching storm. I went past an intersection as a Dump Truck stopped at the stop sign. I was keeping watch out for the truck but didn’t expect it to try and pass me with no extra room. I swerved to avoid being hit. The license plate is not visible.

Drivers don’t care.

Driver can’t wait and uses the sidewalk.