Driver doesn’t deviate from their line and passes on my shoulder

White van tailgating the poor cyclist ahead.
I decided to illegally cycle on the foot path to avoid the same fate as the other cyclist.

I’m riding at about 18mph here. The road is narrow with a parked vehicle in front of me. Lucky I didn’t choose to manoeuvre out and around it. The van stops abruptly for an oncoming vehicle and then still close passes moments after…

This shopping mall area is a connector point between multiple bike paths. I was waiting at the pedestrian crossing and unfortunately the camera angle means you cant quite see the car traffic signals.
However you can see the pedestrian crossing lights had obviously turned green when the right turning Silver Van runs the red light.
I have made a community roadwatch report regarding this incident.
It’s unclear why the previous version of this same video can not be viewed.

Honked twice at me, one from the back approaching an intersection (which I was hit before), and one after crossing the intersection. approx 45 to 55 year old while male was driving, with 2 passengers. He had plently of space to just go around, so dissapointing

Traveling on Fort Caroline Road when a white Ford van decided that the road was not wide enough for both of us and clearly there was no oncoming traffic so there was plenty of space to pass safely. He didn’t think so I guess.

Feel free to send a message to BPost. Licence plate: 2-AQV-058

Van driver undertakes a car who is overtaking me at a safe distance (and driving within the 50mph speed limit) and flies past far too close.

There was a group of us on a ride around the valley and I wish I had a rear camera. You will see a silver RAV4 speed past a truck and travel trailer. The driver of the travel trailer honks at the RAV4 as they were cut off right before they passed our group. Once they safely passed us this sprinter van blows right by us at a high rate of speed. My camera couldn’t quite make out the plate number.

Sylvia Park shopping mall is connector for a number of bike paths and you can see the White Mazda SUV running the right turn red light after the pedestrian crossing has turned green.