As I was riding my bike on a mixed use trail to safely shoot a video about how the infrastructure has poor connections a fellow cyclist riding in the road was forced into someone’s front yard, because a Lower Gwynedd Police Cruiser passed the cyclist to then stop in the road obstructing the cyclist’s path and endangering her. The Chief of Police was notified that one of their patrol cars were involved and I was told it would be followed up on with the police officer(s).

Audi SUV driver had no oncoming traffic but still felt it necessary to perform a close pass at high speed.

Honda SUV didn’t feel the need to slow or down give sufficient space. I can’t easily make out the license plate unfortunately.

Grey SUV (Rego KZT795) running red light. Stopped for a passing e-Scooter but not patient enough to wait for a green left-turning arrow which would have been only a few seconds’ wait away.

Pretty sure that isn’t a metre…….

I was riding southbound on Mountain View Blvd in the shoulder when the driver of a green Subaru Forester (CO QYV-763) decided to squeeze between me and a left-turning work truck rather than hold back for mere seconds to safely pass us both. Next time, I think I might bang my fist on their vehicle when someone gets this close!

After executing an extremely close pass for no good reason, the driver of a BMW gave me some sage advice.

The Toyota Prado chooses to block most of the bike lane by leaving their front end hanging out. I wave and yell at them to move back so they oblige by moving forward to block the remainder of the lane.
What a winner.

This Toyota Highlander was so keen on making a left turn ahead of an oncoming vehicle that it cut the corner and came very close to clipping me. Had I stopped at the sign in the lane like a normal vehicle, I definitely would’ve been hit.