These two idiots thought it was perfectly acceptable to risk hitting a pedestrian rather than drive the 2 minutes up the road, around the roundabout and back down the road to go from filling up their vehicles to filling up their faces with fast food.

Typical lazy close pass. they could have just waited a few seconds and moved into the right lane like the following car but chose to risk my safety for their own convenience.
Reported to the police but no idea of the outcome as they don’t provide updates.

The Dacia driver was obviously upset at being held up for a few seconds so cut back in very early from their close pass nearly hitting me.
Reported to the police but no idea of the outcome as they don’t provide updates.

The Audi driver started to overtake 3 cyclists without looking to see if anything was coming the other way. They had to abandon the manoeuvre and pull in between the cyclists causing me to brake to avoid being hit. They also got dangerously close to the other 2 cyclists and then close passed them. It’s OK though because they got to their turning a few seconds sooner than if they had driven safely.
Reported to the police but they don’t provide updates.

No indicator close pass – less than 1.5m in poor conditions
LO22 JHU 3.2tonne Blue Mercedes SUV 4 x 4 electric diesel.
Not unusual incident on this road – posted up to make others aware

Driver runs a stop sign then makes a close pass on a narrow road with pedestrians.

At this time of day, the bike lane doesn’t exist. Is it just an Adelaide thing – part time bike lanes? Either way made not once ounce of difference to the white BMW as the breeze of wing mirror cooled me down.

As I pulled up to a red light in the left lane of three there was an Audi Q3 in the middle lane behind a lorry. Instead of using the empty right overtaking lane to pass the lorry the Audi driver started to move into the left lane to dangerously undertake. When they noticed me they paused but then just carried on changing lanes. When the lights turned green the Audi driver got so close to me they nearly hit me and then when there was just enough room to squeeze through they dangerously close passed me.
Reported to west Midlands Police at the time but they don’t usually give updates so no idea of the outcome.

Cyclists get green, SUV through red?