Coming out of a cul-de-sac, had to deal with a SUV coming across, taking a very tight corner, that did not make leave me much space.

SUV exiting the Westin cut me off while cycling on the MUP and stopped right in the pathway. Classic move at this location.

Driver said their child was ill.

Despite the 2 wide lanes, the grey SUV still does a close pass just as I’m coming up to a pinch point with park cars. It also continues to straddle the 2 lanes for no good reason.

I am new at this so don’t know how to fix the time stamp on the footage, but it actually happened today Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022, around lunchtime. A beautiful fall day, a good time to ride my bike for a few things from the store, road not busy at all, plus it’s two lanes of travel in each direction, but one driver seemed to think only cars should have a right to use it. He slowed down to yell at me through the passenger window–Fortunately I could hear him slowing so it didn’t startle me so much as to make me lose control. Riding on the sidewalk in this location is terrible, plus there is a nearby home for disadvantaged elderly people who are often walking on the sidewalk. Why shouldn’t I be able to use the road? There isn’t time to move around me? Really?

I have to mount my camera to a backpack so it’s not at the best angle–will need to work on that.

Left-hand lane goes straight ahead, right-hand lanes are right-turn only. Except for the car which went straight ahead illegally, and then cut across in front of me when I was trying to turn right at the next intersection.

I don’t know what’s so hard about moving over, especially when the opposing lane is clear. The fisheye lens makes it appear further away than it is.

Driver makes risky high speed rush and pass to stop sign just meters in front of people on bikes, passing at up to 43 mph