Unregistered hoons (read most likely stolen) using the cycle path as their personal hwy. Regularly seen doing ridiculous speeds and dangerous maneuverers along the path with no care for themselves or anyone else.

The parking situation in Dickneweg and Diegelsberger Straße was now only possible to park on the left side up to the intersection with Landhausstraße and from the signage on Diegelsberger Straße you can sometimes only park on the left side of the street and no longer on the right also in places on both sides of the street. Parking on the left and right side of the street, parking up to Teckstraße is not permitted as before.
Parking is partially prohibited on Diegelsberger Straße in the direction of Diegelsberg, as it could create a dangerous traffic situation and cause an accident.

Priority intersection and Right-of-way regulations changed at the intersection Faurndau Salamanderstrasse, Rechberghausenerstraße Germany Right-of-way regulations changed and cycle path guidelines created.

!!!(ATTENTION ATTENTION)!!! But the cycle path protection strip is also sometimes used to stop people. !!!(ATTENTION ATTENTION)!!!

However, some road users still do not use their technical aids when turning, such as: For example, there is no indicator and this leads to a backlog of vehicles.

Road works nearby, stopped to try and chat to the boys, just took off

Right of way at intersection changed Faurndau Salamanderstrasse, Rechberghausenerstrasse Germany Right of way changed and bike path guidelines created. But still some people don’t blink when turning and there has already been an accident between two cars and the bike path was blocked with the accident car.

Now you can use both hands for your important texts and let the car do the hard work. Break free from the steering wheel and roadside distractions, trust BMW’s ADA system to get you there safely.

Is the problem that there are only perfunctory bike lane markings?