Right of way at intersection changed Faurndau Salamanderstrasse, Rechberghausenerstrasse Germany Right of way changed and bike path guidelines created. But still some people don’t blink when turning and there has already been an accident between two cars and the bike path was blocked with the accident car.

Now you can use both hands for your important texts and let the car do the hard work. Break free from the steering wheel and roadside distractions, trust BMW’s ADA system to get you there safely.

Is the problem that there are only perfunctory bike lane markings?

Always count 3 bananas before crossing on the green because of clowns like this.

Howard county recently redesigned Stephens road with “Bicycle Accommodations.” The unfortunate result is a road with disappearing bike lanes and road furniture that encourages close passes. Video shows multiple close passes.

Doing a left turn from 5th St (Cyrill Magnin) into Ellis, using the required left turn lane. Bully pulls up from the back honking as if there is no tomorrow, yelling “get out of my way” (which I could hear, but got drowned out on the video). He must have noticed the camera when he held off and fell back a bit and passed peacefully after the turn. Quite a scary moment, as I have no mirror on the bike so not sure whats next.

Classification “bad road/path” not really applicable, but what else would be?