Howard county recently redesigned Stephens road with “Bicycle Accommodations.” The unfortunate result is a road with disappearing bike lanes and road furniture that encourages close passes. Video shows multiple close passes.

Doing a left turn from 5th St (Cyrill Magnin) into Ellis, using the required left turn lane. Bully pulls up from the back honking as if there is no tomorrow, yelling “get out of my way” (which I could hear, but got drowned out on the video). He must have noticed the camera when he held off and fell back a bit and passed peacefully after the turn. Quite a scary moment, as I have no mirror on the bike so not sure whats next.

Classification “bad road/path” not really applicable, but what else would be?

I am guessing the road was bad for this driver? Not only did they illegally jump the red light but also drive along the pavement. Pavements should be for people.

Dangerous crossing Faurndau Salamanderstraße, Rechberghausenerstraße Germany Ignore the right of way and stop behind the stop line on the bike path

I’m tempted to just clean it up with a big broom, but that really isn’t very effective for this amount of glass. I’ve done some glass cleanup before and it’s surprisingly tricky to get all the small bits out of the asphalt surface. There’s more glass than is easily seen in the video. Hopefully this info will eventually get in front of the right people to get cleaned up.

We were exiting the bike path, waiting for a friend and we’re too close to the curb. 🤣

Malgré la présence d’un panneau indiquant la voie interdite à tout véhicule sauf activité agricole, avec juste en dessous le panneau désignant une chaussée exclusive aux vélos… Il y a encore un risque de croiser une voiture !

Very busy road, lot of parked cars