Big dog runs in my direction. I have blocked the wheel to avoid collision.
Seems he just wanted to play but that kind of dog can be very aggressive

A dog ran at full speed into my rear tire and derailleur – bending the rim and the derailleur – managed to finish the last 4 miles of an 84.5 mile charity ride. First encounter – very scary. The owner was super nice and offered to pay for damages.

Quiet Cheshire country lane, saw dark shadow at side of stopped red car, only to be chased as I passed it by a black monster with red eyes. I’m going down hill and peddling like crazy and the dog is still too close for comfort, really fast. Maybe it just wanted to say hello ? Though I wasn’t slowing to find out.

Early morning Father’s Day ride almost ruined by a dog owner who didn’t keep a tight leash on their dog. Would not have ended well for either of us if I wasn’t alert and had good bike handling skills.

I was doing a short ride in the morning when a pack of 3 dogs started chasing me in the middle of a major road. Fortunately, the lead (black) dog barely missed biting me or knocking me off my bike into traffic. The other two dogs were close behind.