Riding eastbound with a tailwind at ~ 26mph/90 rpm cadence when the dog suddenly appears coming out of the driveway. I felt the impact I thought with the bike. After seeing the scrages on the toe of my shoe I determined that the impact was with my shoe, which being clipped into the pedals did not give much when contact was made with the muzzle of the dog.

Bad Dog Owners!

It’s not an off leash dog park people!

Luckily the off leash dog was off to the side.

Stalked by a farm dog as climbing 13% gradient. Get bitten? fall off? or keep going?

Dog loose on bridge is unpredictable.

Off Leash dog in Hansen Park, New Brighton.

When using a local shared footpath/ cycle route [The Comber Greenway] there are far too many careless dog walkers. Extending dog leads are just as dangerous as dogs roaming free. I warned a man I was approaching, but he took no action to control his dog. Being told to “calm down” was not appreciated – he was not put in danger the way I was!

Standing by the roadside when a small dog came flying out of a car window. The dog landed on the road, sprang back up, and scampered onto the sidewalk. The owner stopped, got out, and picked up the dog, deposited it in the car and drove off. Dog seemed unscathed!