Cars turning in. Did they see me?

Cyclists through green light, still dangerous and complicated situation.

Also notice all the trash on the bikelane

Green for cyclists, green for hooking

Poorly designed bike path that reduces car parking, provides opportunities for motorists to inadvertently and deliberately park across the bike lane, and leads to motorists exiting the side street to park across the bike lane while waiting to exit.

The driver of the Jeep is a serial offender. He works/owns a nearby motor works and regularly parks across the bike path. Last time I confronted him, in his business premises, he claimed the car was a customer’s car and they would move it soon.

Note also the car exiting the side street which has to park across the bike lane in order to see whether it is safe to exit the side street.

Right-of-way intersection and Right-of-way regulation at the intersection of Faurndau Salamanderstrasse, Rechberghausenerstrasse Germany

Right-of-way regulations changed and cycle path protection strips (bicycle path protection strips) were created.

!!!(ATTENTION ATTENTION)!!! But the cycle path protection strip is also sometimes used to partially stop cyclists. !!!(ATTENTION ATTENTION)!!!

However, some road users still do not use their technical aids when turning, such as: B. because there are direction indicators (turn signals) and this can lead to a backlog of vehicles.

Low visibility for cars turning in and cardrivers not paying attention

This is the second night in a row I witnessed this type of blatant disregard for the Stop sign at this location. Stop signs in this area need enforcement. Note: For cycle, Bicycle Safety Stop in WA State allow bike to treat Stop sign as a Yield, no other traffic present allowed to roll.