I was riding home from doing some laps in Prospect Park in the bike lane, and a man on a CitiBike started out into the lane without looking from in front of a large black SUV. I had virtually no time to react before impact. He wasn’t very helpful and wandered off while bystanders were checking on me. While I escaped the incident with just some bruised bones and chipped teeth, my bike wasn’t as lucky, and the fork is ruined.

Chicken runs, red lights, blind corner dive bombs, wrong way down a one-way street and close passes. This is a special level of dumb driving. By recording and sharing your footage, you can join the movement to help make the roads safer for everyone.

Driver initiated a left turn towards a driveway without signaling, just as I was glancing back to check for overtaking traffic. Multiple injuries and a totaled steel frame.

Impatient older driver decided they had to get passed and ran over traffic island in their hurry.
Clipped me with his wing mirror and just drove on.

Some slippery leaves result in a crash in a pedestrian area. 1 x cracked and 1 x chipped rib. Fortunately bike was unharmed.

Rego BPU O1L

This is just a small sample of the over 300 incidents that were uploaded to UpRide in February. Things need to change. We want to raise awareness among drivers that they are being filmed and stop the madness on our roads. Every UpRide means more drivers will start to know there is a good chance they are on camera and think twice before putting a rider’s life in danger.

Group ride one person comes off causing mayhem and a broken shoulder

Group ride and a lapse of concentration.