Early morning ride, and someone from out of state got in the middle of a forest preserve. Literally had to drive 1+ miles on a bike path to get to where he was. Not an easy path to get a car onto, either.

Riding south passes Brisbane’s Nedgee Rubbish Dump on Nudgee RD.
Truck exiting dump onto main road tries to run me over.
It is mt belief that the driver wasn’t attentive to the task at hand and did not see me.
I had a flashing headlight operating at the time.
The driver appeared to get startled after realizing his mistake.
It appears God doesn’t want me yet.

Driver comes across 2 lanes and the bike lane without looking and nearly hit me

Cycling south along the cycle lane on Hackett Drive and almost hit by a car door as the occupant opened the drivers door without looking. Then only seconds later another driver was getting something from the back seat of his car leaving the car door wide open into the bike lane too. Complete lack of awareness by both drivers.

We encountered a male running naked on the bikeway. I will report this to the police because while it seemed funny at the time who knows what this person is capable of. I would hate to think that a female cyclist, riding alone, would be endangered by this obviously challenged person.

Ist nochmal gut gegangen

Es muss an der Farbe und Art des Fahrzeugs liegen, dass es immer mit weißen Lieferwagen gefährlich wird.

Quiet suburban street, no traffic but a tradie in a dual cab decided that going around a parked car and making me take avoiding action was ok.

Whilst cycling towards a roundabout at approximately 20 mph in full hi-viz clothing and with 2 front lights on at the front.
I was approximately 10 metres behind a car also turning right at the roundabout.
The car in front was had just exited the roundabout and I was also travelling in the same direction.
Upon approaching the roundabout I was slowing down and signalling to turn right. Whilst I was on the roundabout the silver/ grey BMW X1 began to turn left causing me to swerve to the outside of the car onto the other side of the road.