This oblivious A-hole not only illegally turned into an exit, but he was looking at his phone and easily would have hit me had I not taken evasive action.

Passed on double yellow across a railroad track. I mentioned the illegal pass to security. Security informed me that cars break laws because bicycles do. #lessroadrights

I was cycling down a slope at about 30km/h following the speed limit. A careless driver from the left blocked my way and forced me to stop. If it was raining, I couldn’t avoid a crash.

Black SUV cutting infront of me without signalling or checking for cyclists.
I wasn’t planning to undertake the stopped cars but considering I had to swerve out of the way (despite having already taken the lane), I proceeded to the advance stop box.
As you can see from the start of the video, this same SUV overtook me earlier on, so knew I was there.
I will be making a community roadwatch report regarding this incident.

Cycling on a country road near Torre dell’Orso in Puglia, there was only one car for miles around. Nonetheless, he seemed out to get me!

riding along and driver thought they could overtake before their exit.

The driver pulled out of a side street without stopping and without looking.

driver went by at 50mph (80kmph) and gave us the finger when she went by. Called the police and told them about the pass and video evidence so they went to her house and confronted her.

Nearly got doored by illegally parked roadwork (? Council) truck on the early morning commute. Unfortunately was not able to capture the license plate.