Really close overtaking right on a traffic island and give way junction.
Miracle I wasn’t taken out with this one

Driver got stopped in a turn lane causing obstacle and blocking sight line for the car wanting to exit.

I guess the tint was too dark on this car to see my bike reflectors, my helmet reflectors, and the blinking rear light. The paper tag was illegible so I guess it will go unreported.

2 x consecutive close passes on double yellow lines whilst descending downhill with overgrown bushes on left-side of the road

Was passed me too close and hi-speed

going uphill on Vallejo loaded with groceries, signalling and preparing to do a legal left turn after the stop sign (he doesn’t stop, btw), car pulls up honking and revving the engine (not captured by the flys’ audio), yelling while he speeds off (also not captured by the flys, but his gesturing can be seen) presumably because I slowed him down for 15 seconds. Not seeing behind this was really unsettling. Unfortunately, also, the plate is not readable – his headlights blind the fly6. Enough to ruin my evening, I would have reported this, but without being able to read the plates – forget it.

Vehicle approached at a high rate of speed, changed lanes to avoid me then changed back in front of me while accelerating. Very aggressive. Funny thing is, I caught up to him three stop lights later. Thanks for prioritizing your morning commute over my life. Seems like a fair trade. 🙁

Travelling south on Back Windermere Road, Bargara/Elliot Heads, between Rifle Range Road and Poinciana Drive. Red Holden Crewman Utility Reg: 542ZNO passed well with the 1.5 metre legislated safe passing distance at or above the speed limit at the same time a light truck approached from the other direction. Straight road and clear visibility.

Travelling south on Back Windermere Road, Innes Park, after Poinciana Drive. White Skoda Sedan Reg: 202BE7 passed well with the 1.5 metre legislated safe passing distance at or above the speed limit. Straight road, clear visibility no on coming traffic.