A typical close pass on a narrow, bendy road near Skipton.

Three lanes of traffic and the driver of this Hummer feels the need to go over the line and partially block the designated bike lane.

While leaving the lakefront bike path on Wilson, a driver intentionally accelerated passed me on my left while I was executing a left turn after signalling, very close to me.

As I was approaching the intersection, they had approached the stop sign at the bottom of the off ramp. Since they did not have their right turn signal on, I assumed they were turning left into the city. However, after I began to make a left turn, which I had signaled, they suddenly accelerated past me very close to go directly back onto the on ramp.

Old guy blasts horn, assuming I will move over for him.

Going downhill at 18mph. A few weeks earlier a police car did the same thing at this spot. That is why I bought the camera. Reported to Taxi Licensing authority.

This driver bullied her way by us on our way to school. Driving her father’s car (uninsured according to Gardai) and went to court before accepting points and a fine.

Cycling around the river and turning down The avenue this car accelerated like mad past me only to jam on breaks to avoid hitting the stationary car in front. I thought she had no chance of stopping in time and was sure there was a rear ending about to happen. Fortunately stopped in time only to floor it on recovery. Where do they find these people?

Taxi blocking the cycle lane and a distracted driver speeding through the village nearly took me out of it. Fine and penalty points for the driver.

This is inside County Park. The driver of the Toyota pulled out of the parking spot and blocked the roadway so that neither the car nor a cyclist could get by. The driver then stopped at the intersection despite the fact that they had the right of way and there was no stop sign for their direction of travel.