Another not infrequent terrifying assault by a Stagecoach bus driver- oncoming traffic so ‘just overtake anyway’. Time on the video is GMT. Reported to Lancashire Constabulary, which will just ignore it like it has all the others.

Close Pass with high speed, because bus driver want to catch green light at the intersection in front of us.

Council bus overtaking on narrow country road into path of oncoming vehicle.

Bus license plate PC5722L squeezed me twice, this is the second squeeze. Total lack of awareness from this reckless driver

TransPerth Cat Bus No.9 Cuts Off Cyclist Deliberately. Incident happened near UWA on Hackett Drive Crawley. This incident will be reported to police as well as TransPerth.

Bus passing giving little room


Bus narrowly passes by

“man man man man man”

Bus comes to a stop

incomprehensible shouting – not certain
“What’s the matter?”
“What do you want me to do?”

Bus doors open

Driver (yelling):
“Do you know how disturbing that is for me?”

Cyclist (surprised):
“but what?”

Driver (yelling):
“What were you shouting?”

“how close were you?”

Driver (yelling):
“But how far are you riding from the curb?”

“but I’m just on the bike lane?”

Driver (yelling):
“Hey, you’re crazy!”

“It’s on camera, I’ll send it to your colleagues”

Bus doors close

Incomprehensible shouting
“… a bit more.”
“Idiot!” (clearly audible)
“What the fuck dude!”

On Wednesday February 7th 2024, at 7.09 am our group of 4 experienced cyclist were riding outbound on Clothiers Creek Road when we were passed by a School bus in what can only be described as a reckless and extremely dangerous manner.
This section of Clothiers Creek road is signposted at 80 KmH which by law in New South Wales requires vehicles to provide a minimum of 1.5 metres to cyclists during an overtaking manoeuvre.
The road shoulder as seen in the video is dangerous to begin with and requires us to ride in the centre of the road lane.