In the UK cyclists get killed by left turning HGV’s. So most HGV’s have a warning to cyclists not to filter up their left hand sides at junctions. However, in most cases, the reality is that the HGV’s tries to overtake the cyclist as they approach the left turn and the cyclists gets squashed under the back wheels. This is an example of that, minus the being squashed to death!! 😀

81 Rolleston Direct bus turning left at Moorehouse Ave from wrong lane and blocking cycle-lane and traffic

Cititrans bus PA9142U exits from bus stop when cyclist is almost passing. Then bus stops in front of second cyclist almost causing a crash. Cyclist speed approximately 45kph. Fortunately no cars in the middle lane.

This guy passes a cyclist with his extra long bus, almosts hits the cyclist. When he is asked to take more care in traffic, he gets upset and gives the finger.

The bus company was contacted but only gave a general statement.

GoBus passed me with less than 1 meter clearance and tried to sqeeze me into the parked cars

Very close pass from a bus driver, who after nearly touch me stopped and explain me that I was a shame and that he was right to drive with wheels on the line of the bike lane which is unfortunately a parking lane. Did not want to ear about 1 meter matters.
Unfortunately the Fly 12 had stopped on its own.

Cyclist is in the roundabout and a Transperth Bus pulls into the roundabout as the cyclist is approaching the entry point where the bus is entering from.

Stopped at traffic light, held to the side to allow the car to go ahead. Bus came and purposefully tries to intimidate me off the road. Look at the final still, there was plenty of room for him to move over to the right of the lane. He had time to hoot and cut me off but no time to move to the right of the lane and allow me space and/or brake. Caught up with him at the next light and he felt that he was in the right and so that justified him risking injuring/killing me. I wonder if child ran out chasing a ball he would hold to his guns and drive over the child, because he had the right of way?