Bus trying to overtake on double yellow lines and blind corner. Flips me off when trying to pass, and then again when he can’t get past. Tailgating to try and intimidate me.

Impatient Bus Driver on route number 235, turned right from Lorimer Street into Salmon Street, Port Melbourne, not giving way to oncoming cyclist. No other traffic was behind me. Only had to wait another 5-10 seconds for me to pass.

Erst bleibt er stehen und als ich dann daneben bin fährt er doch los.

Rail replacement bus overtakes on a left hand bend into oncoming traffic, to get to the roundabout first, forcing the oncoming car to stop.

Close-passing by Stagecoach double-deckers is common in Lancashire because there is no possibility of action being taken against the driver by Lancashire Constabulary. The police here are strongly anti-cyclist and believe that if the cyclist is not killed or seriously injured, the offence of ‘close-passing’ does not exist. The time on the video is GMT. The offence will be ignored by the police, like all the others

Passenger bus passing too closely and then cutting in due to oncoming car

Standard Lancashire Coach Attack by Bradshaw’s Quality Travel of Bispham, Blackpool- lots of oncoming traffic so they overtake anyway and swerve into the cyclist, because they know there’s no possibility of police action. It’s not the worst I’ve experiences, but still alarming