Why do we need a bike lane if someone park a car on it?

Why aren’t these cars fined? We voted and demanded that the city provide these lanes for safe travel on these roads. How many more children and cyclists must be harmed before you think about this question?

The driver was transporting long pieces of PVC pipes that were too long for the trailer. Solution? Place them diagonally, and don’t worry about the overhang. A dangerous situation for the driver not paying attention when passing bicyclists, and other motorists, not to mention illegal in Florida (FSS 316.510)

The driver makes a strange U turn in an intersection, blocking the bike lane forcing me to nearly stop in a place where 35 mph traffic turns right.

Don’t go cycling in Vienna. There are either poor cycle paths or none at all.
Here is an example in the city centre, an important connection for cyclists. The cycle path runs against the one-way traffic. There is no room for bikes when there is car traffic.

I try to use Cycle Highways in London. I live in Enfield and we have the most dangerous implementation of them that I know. The roads are often narrow and there is not the space to add them. This leads to frustration for drivers, delays to Bus services, danger to pedestrians and cyclists. We would be safer without them.

In this example, the black Honda pulls into a Cycle Highway (C20) and stops!

BTW – if I dont go in these highways I get abused by car drivers.

So many children use this road to bike to school, but all the cars are blocking them

Leaving Alton towards Holybourne cyclists have a line marked bike lane on Anstey Road – however it is often ignored by drivers.