It’s a personal vehicle with fire dept. stickers on it. There were plenty of other spaces available on the street. Not a good look.

Poorly designed off street parking meaning bike lane is nearly permanently blocked.
Parking offences were reported to AT but no action was taken as apparently unless responded immediately to, they won’t action on offences.

A white Toyota wagon AHU312, was stopped at the lights ahead of the traffic stop line and completely covering the advanced bike box. I had to resort to moving in front of the car to ensure I was visible to other drivers.

Great 3m wide cycle path built on the new Yan Yean Road upgrade but no wonder cyclists don’t use it when it gets blocked like this. This is an elevation grade of 8% – I’d hate to be coming down at pace the other way.

Six cars disregarding the bike lane (for Foot Ball Practice, American Foot Ball).

Cars blocking a bike lane for Football practice (American Football)

I’m all for Dublin City Council maintaining the bike lanes on a Sunday morning, but do they have to leave bollards, tools and bolts just lying everywhere while they take that important phone call?

Herbie blocking the bike lane

Delivery staff empty a truck into the bike lane as well as stand there to block it. When I Citibike rider tries to go though they get aggressive with them.