gravity sucks sometimes

I had priority, but car didn’t see me at all.
Front wheel bent, but personally no injuries
Driver will pay for the damage without getting police/insurance involved

Learner driver at Belgrave who didn’t think it was required to stop and render assistance after taking me out.
Fortunately, the Police saw it another way after they saw the video, saved by the video.

Cruise to work then …

Taxi pulled into our path causing a crash. A van with builders took the opportunity to leer and swear at us – very unpleasant 😢

Was heading hoe from a ride and got hit by a lady on her (heavy duty) electric bike. She was clearly on my side of the path.

A lady on a bike entered the path without looking. Knocked me clean out.

Fractured face, concussion symptoms for over a month and a broken bike.

I was riding along Melton Road in Queniborough on my way to work when a school boy was riding towards me on the cycle path. He was paying no attention to the road ahead and was swerving all over the pavement, whilst staring down at his phone(no hands on the handlebars). I tried to shout to get his attention but with no success, he rode straight into me, and fell over, injuring himself with cuts, causing bleeding. It could’ve ended very badly if he had fell onto the road instead of the grass verge.

Was riding South on the Pacific hwy 101 when I hit a series of patches of sand and lost control of my bike and fell and broke my Tibia and Fibula. People came to my aid, we called 911 and I was taken to the ER where a surgeon put a pin in my leg to hold it in place.