I was riding home from doing some laps in Prospect Park in the bike lane, and a man on a CitiBike started out into the lane without looking from in front of a large black SUV. I had virtually no time to react before impact. He wasn’t very helpful and wandered off while bystanders were checking on me. While I escaped the incident with just some bruised bones and chipped teeth, my bike wasn’t as lucky, and the fork is ruined.

Group ride one person comes off causing mayhem and a broken shoulder

Group ride and a lapse of concentration.

Front wheel broken.

no major dammage

Downhill gravel crash – front wheel slide on loose gravel.

Went to pass another cyclist on a track. Rang my bell, but instead of moving to his left he slammed on the front brakes and nearly went over his handle bars. I managed to unclip and hit his seat post with my left handle bar. No damage done, we both stayed upright, he apologised and I moved on. Lesson, expect the unexpected and sometimes more.

gravity sucks sometimes

I had priority, but car didn’t see me at all.
Front wheel bent, but personally no injuries
Driver will pay for the damage without getting police/insurance involved