…I was going down on the right side of the road …another rider was riding up on the wrong side of the road
We met head on a blind curve.

…somehow both of us were able to ride home.
Severely broken top tube and seat stay

Riding into intersection in a fast group, light cycled faster than expected which meant from trying to get through to having to stop, but one rider who had clipped out a foot was clipping back in, didn’t see the red nor the rider in front of him stop. No damage, no injuries, everything and everyone was okay.

As the car past me it indicated it was turning right, ? on to Seaforth Rd. As it approached the intersection it moves left into the group of cyclist, we were traveling at just over 30km/hr on a 50 road, causing one to fall. Thankfully only minor scrapes to bike…and rider. The car then did a U turn, slowed but did not stop or even lower window, and then drove off as seen in video. You can see in the video how far the car was left in the lane prior to it attempting to pass the group, this was about how far the car moved over when turning right. Submitted to police for action….hopefully.

The other cyclist was late for school. It’s not easy to brake with just one hand on the handlebar.

Riding home from work and had a head on collision around 28kmh with rider riding south on wrong side of path on Gungahlin Drive near Palmerston. Dislocated shoulder and soft tissue injuries but luckily no broken bones. I hope they now know to ride only on the left hand side of the bike path in Australia.

Young maybe 8 year old hit by van but must have been uninjured as he rode off afterwards. Most likely a little scared.
Van should have checked mirrors before turning and cyclist should not have ridden over garage entrance without checking.
Cyclist didn’t notice van signalling.

A little turn of the handlebar. ¿Ice?

Guy didn’t even stopped

Velomobile is travelling in a bicycle lane when a car that is passing it swerves suddenly into the bike lane to pass turning car. The car side swipes the velomobile and then drives off. Driver was later questioned my police with the help of the footage.