A particularly bad section of road in Christchurch. From Burnside High to Johns road. There are two lanes for cars, and no marked cycle lane. What this means is that a bike rider must ride in the left hand lane; far enough from the parked cars so as not to be doored, but close enough to the left hand edge of the lane to no be hit by passing cars and trucks. The council has added pedestrian safety barriers which further reduce what would be a safer path in the parking lanes. On this day, the council was doing work on the road, so there were no cars parked beside the road. The irony is that there are marked bike lanes for the first 5m and the last 5m of this road; indicating that it is suitable for bikes. This video was presented to council members; that is why it has been annotated. Needless to say, nothing has been done.

Since the road surface was under construction, and a bicyclist decided to take the sidewalk. The bicyclist fell off the sidewalk. He was bloodied.

I couldn’t pass the cyclist because of the useless islands in the middle road. The SUV tail gating me probably coulldn’t see the cyclist and passed the pair of us illegally. It is only a matter of time until a cyclist gets killed or seriously injured on Preston Point Rd between Petra St and Riverside Drive / Wauhop Road. Personally, I use Jerrat Drive to bypass this section, the only section of Preston Point Road between Wauhop Road and Canning Highway without cycle lanes.

Broken glass in the bike gutter forces me onto the sidewalk

As I left the roundabout, a black Vauxhall was gaining on me at a speed which seemed excessive for the 30mph limit, so I mounted the pavement to avoid the danger, only for it to be followed by an even faster Subaru! ‘W88 MLS’ and ‘V88 MLS’… coincidence?

Drivers are often driving into the semi-separated bike lane (flexible delineator posts on wheel stops) over the kerbs to avoid driving over the speed cushions.