A bus lost diesel in large quantities so much to leave a long strips on the asphalt at the beginning I did not understand were diesel even if I felt strong smell but I thought it came from a vehicle in front of me, as soon as I went on the patch I heard the wheel Front sliding for me luckily I have not fallen

Bad infra or ignorant drivers?

Other incidents at this location. Heavy traffic location, vehicles moving in and out of off street parking

Level crossing Queren Ebersbach at the Fils district of Göppingen

Hundreds of schoolgoing children pass here daily on their bikes, but there seems no safe space for cyclists

We got caught in the rain and one of our rider fell because the rain water covered a large pot hole. Only minor scrapes. Both OK!!

Bike lane marking disappears multiple times, but always when you need it the most. The street has a high traffic volume and a higher speed limit, compared to other roads in the city. Feels like riding on the “Autobahn” with Citroen 2CV uphill. Fingers crossed.