Riding eastbound with a tailwind at ~ 26mph/90 rpm cadence when the dog suddenly appears coming out of the driveway. I felt the impact I thought with the bike. After seeing the scrages on the toe of my shoe I determined that the impact was with my shoe, which being clipped into the pedals did not give much when contact was made with the muzzle of the dog.

Coming down Jackson’s Hill on Nepean Hwy near Mt Martha. The kangaroo saved the day.

Bad Dog Owners!

It’s not an off leash dog park people!

Dusk and a raccoon has second thoughts.

Luckily the off leash dog was off to the side.

Black squirrel was sitting in the middle of the trail. You never know which way they’ll run.

Riding in Long Beach NSW and the Kangaroo came out of the RHS..