Dog came running from the farmhouse into the road with apparent intent to chase. When I shouted “NO!” and “SIT”!!! he hesitated and run back. I was able to avoid the collision and/or dog bite.

I was riding along a bike track and just after an approaching rider past, I looked up to see a brown snake slither from the side of the track directly in front of me. Not having time to brake or take evasive action I rode over the top of the snake. It did make an angry sound and tried to strike me, without success. I went back to check but there was no sign of the snake, so no damage to man, machine or beast.

Gentle commute back home and little woofer thinks he is off the scream movies lol.

I ride for exercise and enjoyment. I live in a rural area and enjoy riding the country roads fairly close to my home. I had ridden this particular road and area many times before and never had encountered this or any other dog. When the dog gets close, I squirt it in the face with water from my water bottle. Just a small squirt that hit it right in the face. That’s when it stops chasing. It was looking at my leg when it got close so I think it was going to bite. No way to really know, though.

Two Coyotes on the hunt, they said I was too fast…