woman driving Suburu hits man on bicycle in crosswalk

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In the video you can see the way the car starts and then stops suddenly. That’s where it happened. It sounded like she hit something and I was prepared for the worst when I saw the man ride slowly away.

I tried to get his attention when I was stopped at the light but he appeared to be dazed or otherwise caught up in the current situation of what looked like a possible leg injury and nearly being killed by being knocked into the intersection.

Understandable. I gave him some space and looped back around where I found the driver had stopped and was giving the man her information.

The man who was hit on the bicycle did not agree to be publicly identified and neither did the driver, so I am not providing their names. I informed them of my recording and provided my contact information.

I'm submitting this to UpRide out of public interest in building better infrastructure that doesn't get people killed when everyone is using it as designed. “Right on red” makes collisions like this inevitable.

Will the next person hit here be able to walk away from the scene? Will the person who hit them have the courage to stop their car?

Clearly crosswalk markings are not enough.

We need to build our transportation systems in a way that makes getting around the city safe: by foot, using mobility devices, riding bicycles, for people who are very young and very old, by public transport, motorized or non-motorized.


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Date of incident
20/04/2024 03:36PM
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Location of incident
North Van Ness Boulevard, Fresno, California 93704, United States