Intersection priority and Right-of-way regulations changed Faurndau Salamanderstrasse, Rechberghausenerstrasse Germany

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Right-of-way intersection and Right-of-way regulation at the intersection of Faurndau Salamanderstrasse, Rechberghausenerstrasse Germany

Right-of-way regulations changed and cycle path protection strips (bicycle path protection strips) were created.

!!!(ATTENTION ATTENTION)!!! But the cycle path protection strip is also sometimes used to partially stop cyclists. !!!(ATTENTION ATTENTION)!!!

However, some road users still do not use their technical aids when turning, such as: B. because there are direction indicators (turn signals) and this can lead to a backlog of vehicles.


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
30/10/2023 07:27AM
Incident type
Bad road/path
Location of incident
Salamanderstraße 23, 73035 Göppingen, Germany