Humevale Rd Fallen Tree Across Path

62 views | August 4, 2022

Incident type: Bad road/path
Location of incident: Humevale Road, Humevale Victoria 3757, Australia


We're going to need a bigger chainsaw - You Cannot Pass!
After a very windy and stormy night, Humevale Road was littered with branches and fallen rocks. All good until I come across this fallen tree at the end of my ride on Humevale Rd instead of near the start. So instead of turning back and going back downhill with a ton of debris all over the single lane road I decided to try and and get past it. Can't go past at the roots as they are imbedded in the side of the hill. Can't go past at the other end as it is over a drop off. Only option to get past is to try and climb over the tree. Made for a interesting break for the ride.
Sorry for the length of the video but this was pretty hard to do wearing cleats and no axe (or a Maiar's staff).