Crash at the intersection of a protected bike lane and parking lot entrance

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Just got hit. A scrape on my elbow, my knee feels swollen and has a bump, my calf feels strained, wrist feels sprained. Driver was rolling out of the parking lot at the police station on San Jacinto (700 N San Jacinto St, Houston, TX 77002). Black Hyundai. New Jersey plate. K43-HBW. As soon as the driver got out of the car she yelled I didn’t see you. There are two witnesses, one is a detention officer, the other a former personal injury lawyer. They were all asking if I’m ok. As I was riding west on the Heights Hike & Bike Trail, a driver pulled up to the exit before the bike lane. They slowed at the bike lane so I proceeded west. As I entered the path of the driveway the driver started to pull forward and struck me with the front of their vehicle. Me and my bike ended up landing about five feet away from the vehicle further west up the trail. My bike has scrapes on the frame, seat, and handle bars. After calling the police around 6:20, the driver made another call. The driver was laughing over the phone during the second call. Driver said she saw the two witnesses when she was exiting, who were to her right, but didn't see my flashing light coming from her left.


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Date of incident
17/04/2024 06:20AM
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Location of incident
Allen Street, Houston, Texas 77002, United States