Almost run over by car while exiting roundabout. Car not watching.

22 views | April 8, 2022

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: Scarborough Road, Scarborough Queensland 4020, Australia


I was riding my bicycle through the roundabout on the intersection of Oxley Avenue and Griffith Road traveling south. However a Holden Commodore Hatchback Rego 513YGM entering the same roundabout from Griffith Road heading West did not intend to give me right of way.
I calculate that their vehicle was about to hit me in the centre of their bonnet.
I yelled out to them to stop while i took evasive action, leaning into the turn to avoid impact.
The incident appeared to progress in slow motion and as i swerved excessively to the right i could see their left bumper-bar just miss my rear wheel.
Had I not acted instinctively the vehicle would have run me down, run me over and possibly dragging me along the road.
I was extremely lucky to evade injury. (Thank God, for God was looking after both of us.)
Once clear and without thinking, i expressed my displeasure with a shutout. I apologise for my shootout.
It is my opinion that the driver didn’t see me, as a result of possibly concentrating on the motor vehicle that followed me.
As there was no impact and i escaped injury, i continued on my way in sheer disbelief.
I don’t wish to press any charges.