We encountered a male running naked on the bikeway. I will report this to the police because while it seemed funny at the time who knows what this person is capable of. I would hate to think that a female cyclist, riding alone, would be endangered by this obviously challenged person.

Riding up shared footpath and 2 runners nearly collided with me. I should have used my bell before I entered the path. The runners were apologetic so all was good, nobody hurt.

Pedestrian walking onto street without looking, if brakes not applied immediately, an accident would have occurred. Very dangerous behaviour from pedestrian.

Announced myself to a walker on a bike path who was just trying to get herself out of the sun and onto the shadier side of the pathway. Note to all walkers, joggers and cyclist who use multi-use paths…pay attention to your surroundings!

This large gentleman stepped into the middle of the trail and attempted to force the group of the trail.