Students were crossing Harvard street to go to Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School in front of Sonya’s market and the traffic was heavy. A red car kept moving forward despite the fact that there were many people in the crosswalk.

There are clear signs both ends telling people where to go, but they ignore them and walk down cycle lane creating a hazard

Passed a pedestrian overpass that connects into the WOD. Kid was stopped then about 20 feet from him decides to just start over into my line without ever looking. Quick reactions kept me from probably really hurting that kid

I was out riding along Clearwater Beach and this guy just crosses the street, against the light, without ever looking towards oncoming traffic. Thankfully there wasn’t a car in the left lane. He would have been hit for sure and I might have turned into it.

I know this isn’t strictly cycling content but it should serve as a reminder to everyone and especially those of us doing strenuous activity out in the head.

(note: my timestamp is inaccurate)

So focused on the job, doesn’t realise that he walks right in front of me

Two incidents occurred on the same ride where pedestrians decide to walk side by side on the shared path. I guess I’m going to have to get a bigger bell – maybe an air horn 😉

Two mothers walking in the middle of the road on a blind bend with an oncoming bus walking with a dog not on a lead.

Jaywalking pedestrian not looking for traffic and continues to be oblivious despite me calling out.