Je roule à 30 km/h, la trottinette me dépasse donc à plus de 30 km/h. C’est interdit en france et surtout sur une piste cyclable

E-Scooter Cuts corner & nearly collides with me at a busy intersection
We were both on Foot path

Scooter skipped red light, If I was one second faster she would have hit me??

Youth hit me with a golf ball whilst I was cycling past on my way home.

Mountain biking down a hill and a tractor appears at the fastest part of the decent. Never seen heavy equipment out there before!

Es sind nicht immer nur Autofahrer, die nicht in die Spiegel schauen. Auch dieser Quadfahrer biegt einfach rechts ab und übersieht mich.

Der Junge fuhr auf seinem Roller und sah währenddessen auf sein Handy. Er wäre fast in mich rein gefahren. Und natürlich fuhr er auf der falschen Seite.

Riding along in a school zone when a school bus decides to make a left turn in front of me.

Individuals attempted to steal my bike, threatening me with a firearm. Another assailant tried to incapacitate me with pepper spray, which ended up striking my arms and the back of my neck. Their attempt was thwarted when the pepper spray blew back at them due to the wind direction. After the experience, I immediately reported the incident to the police. The case was assigned to detectives, who later informed me that all the suspects have been identified and are now in custody. I’m so grateful for my Fly 6.