Tree crew tossed a soda can at me as they passed by. I was in the bike lane and had no previous contact with them. Lic plates are not visible.

Scooter not looking on the wrong side of the cycle-way

As I was riding down a residential street, I noticed an oncoming car slowing down and as the car came abreast of me they shot me with some type of splatter gun (Gel Blaster?). Nice line of hits up and down my torso and rib cage. I was able to share the footage with the police. The 911 operator was great. The Anne Arundel County Police Department Officers were great and showed up within a couple of minutes.

A scooter/moped being driven along the footpath? There must be something in the water today – 3rd incident in a 22 minute ride home.
I was not stopping at a pedestrian crossing for someone taking the mickey like that.

Car fire on Bellona av, Lutherville, MD

I was riding along Clarendon Street when an idiot with a passenger on board on a scooter pulled out onto the road and came flying towards me. There was a lot of traffic on the road but thankfully I was able to swerve out onto the road to miss him and also shout out what I thought of him at the same time.

Out minding our business on a Saturday morning ride and here comes the coal roller. Thankfully no one was suffered from smoke inhalation. However, what is the point of it being against the law in the state of Maryland to roll coal when law enforcement would have to wtiness it themselves to impose any of the $500 fines? Not sure how many people would sign up to ensure the police witness them doing wrong so that they inherit a fine. My point is, we have these bike cameras for proof of wrongdoing against us, but in reality it means nothing to very little unless there a loss of life…….and then MAYbe.

A large plank of wood falls off truck on historic Wakamiyaoji in Kamakura.