While stopped for a train at an active crossing, caught this Darwin Award contender doing his own thing…

Riding along Nepean Hwy Frankston when from Officeworks Carpark comes a soccer ball!

Amish Playing Chicken on the way to church

Waited at the intersection of Central St and Massachusetts Ave in Acton for a Red Light. We noticed that there was a walk signal picked up on my FLY 6, (12 looped over that footage) Police officer scolded us for running a red light. Wonder what he would think if he saw the footage.

Riding down Post Oak blvd towards Westheimer, when 2 ATVs suddenly come out from stopped traffic and run a red light, cutting us off.

We are targets when we pass golf courses, I missed the fore and my front camera had looped over, watched the ball, ducked my head to keep from getting crowned, I think it was a top flight, but the rear camera got the bouncing ball.

School kid riding an e scooter down the wrong side of the road with no helmet

Just riding along when suddenly bang, right in the face by a balloon. Luckily didn’t throw me off too much but did make my HR jump.

I was riding south on the Principal Shared Path and entered a sharp right hand curve. Oncoming traffic obsured by vegetation. A rider on an electric unicycle suddenly appeared travelling in the opposite direction. We were both moving fast and vearing towards the centre line of the path. I just managed to pull away and avoid a collision.

I don’t think that these unicycles are legal in Western Australia.