Dangerous situation, certainly with the higher speeds you get from the decent

Was indicated, still some infrawork to be done.

Very busy on the bikelane, so better keep it free

A burst water main jetting into the air…….

Tildonk-Boortmeerbeek was full of ice. Mechelen-Boortmeerbeek was completely free and safe.

Cleaning time dumping there water on the bikelane. Dangerous when it is -10°, because it will freeze and get very slippery.

Cycling through a flooded main road.

After all the recent rain the banks of this road in West Milton have been collapsing causing blocked roads and some major clearing required

Auf dem Radfahrstreifen lag ein schwerer Pflasterstein. Gefährlich für alle Verkehrsteilnehmer! Ich habe ihn daher in das Gebüsch auf der Verkehrsinsel geworfen.