Riding on Cass-White Road on good Friday about lunch time. A couple of high school kids thought it would be funny to try and peg a cyclist with a water bottle as they passed. Grey late model Dodge Charger, plate covered by illegal cover. The incident will earn them some serious trouble with the law, front and rear cameras recorded the event. Police called and report filed, I plan to press/file charges — investigator has already called and says he thinks he has identified the driver.

Skateboarder dismounts and leaves rolling board on cycling path.

Taking it easy, doin about 60kph down hill into a tightening right hander and I saw the tree.
Banged my head and took skin off, nothing broken.

came to a halt going up a 28% climb

Crashed into never before seen gate in parking lot

Suffered serious hand injury

I just finished a ride and was about a block from home. I just got distracted and paid the price. The bicycle is fine and I just ended up with some scrapes and a bruised ego.

My friend and I were coming back from an early morning bike ride on the Rock Island Greenway in Peoria, IL.  The trail surface is dark/asphalt, and there were also shadows being cast on the trail surface making it even hard to see obstacles.  At one point in the trail, the asphalt was bubbled/heaved up due to the growth of tree roots underneath.  My friend didn’t see one really large heave in the pavement, and it cause his front wheel to go to the side.  He was ok – just shaken up but rode back to start where our cars were parked.

piece of a jack off a car or truck in the bike lane rider hits it and rips front tyre to pieces and looses control of bike