Very important man stops traffic to unload very important ladder, creates full-lane obstacle in downtown corridor. Cyclist navigates around by riding on center line.

I noticed a bit of a traffic jam ahead. The road has (or had) a reputation for speeding and crashes, so my immediate thought was another crash. As I got closer, I noticed a couple of people were moving an object, a mattress, off the road. Initially, they were going to leave it on the path! Not sure if they heard me yelling into the wind or if they decided themselves to instead leave the mattress on the nature strip. Good job of the driver and passenger to remove the mattress from the road. I do wonder how many people had driven around it until these people removed it.

These Lime scooters are a pain because people leave them where they are not suppose to

Even though the golf course next to this non-motorized multi-use trail has it’s own path for the golfers and ground crew, you can see I had to contend with a grounds keeper who couldn’t hear me yelling that I was passing as well as a clueless golfer who, for some reason, was coming onto/block the path.

narrowly missed this after coming off a blind bend

Biking along the bike path when a Cherry sign falls inches from my head.

Three joggers on coming across the path so I decided to take the main road. Sun rise at eye level in front reducing visibility. A black closed gate against a black road with no reflective markings making it virtually invisible. I was initially distracted by the oncoming joggers as they were three abreast taking up the free space on the path before I had time to register that there was a closed gate blocking the road.
Well done Boroondara council, at least the bollards on the path are a bright yellow with reflectors on them.

Limo blocks road.

The cyclist in front almost falls on the ground after riding over the cable.

Opposite direction truck clipped a cone.