Escaping the daylight heatwave, night ride down John Forrest Heritage Trail and a friendly kangaroo wanted to get too close the action.

big roo in front of us.

Coming down Jackson’s Hill on Nepean Hwy near Mt Martha. The kangaroo saved the day.

Riding in Long Beach NSW and the Kangaroo came out of the RHS..

Riding in Long Beach NSW early morning when a Kangaroo came out from the RHS and hit me while deciding. Lucky I did not come off.

We were travelling along a little used part of the coastal road where we often see Kangaroos feeding in the early morning. This one came out of the dark to our right and initially gave all three of us a fright. Apart from the heart beating a little faster no one was hurt, not even the kangaroo, just a momentary pause for all of us. That’s cycling in Australia you never know what the day will hold.

Five of us flying downhill at about 50kmh only to have a family of six roos suddenly appear out of seemingly nowhere, two of which cross the road immediatley in our path. Lady luck was smiling on us today, not to have a impasct. Honestly, every animal in Australia is out to get you!

Travelling down a hill in the dark at about 40 km/hr when this roo darted out from the right. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t even have the time to get my hands on the brake levers. You can see from the digital time, it all happened over one second. Scared the shite out of me. Have learned my lesson that going fast down a hill in the dark is not very clever!

Little bastard knocked me off the take off ramp……3 broken ribs and a punctured lung, thanks to the doctors and nurses at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne