This particular street has no bike accommodations. There is also construction and lane closures make the street very difficult for cyclists. Typically the median (or as we call it, the neutral ground) is a good (enough) path BUT its built exclusively for street cars. There are 2 tracks. This is the second time i’ve had issues with this exact spot but today it was very wet and my rear tire lost traction. I was able to bail on the bike and suffered no harm nor injury. Proper bike accommodations would have prevented this.

Es ist einfach nicht genug Platz. Daher bleibt man besser hinter dem LKW

Right of way at intersection changed Faurndau Salamanderstrasse, Rechberghausenerstrasse Germany Right of way changed and bike path guidelines created. But still some people don’t blink when turning and there has already been an accident between two cars and the bike path was blocked with the accident car.