Even just a thanks for running off path instead of hitting my kids would be nice

Driver ahead crossed centre line appearing to turn right into a school, but then cut left suddenly across my path. (LANGUAGE WARNING)

Bike lane on 2nd avenue in manhattan with green light; vehicle on side street drives onto sidewalk to go around other vehicles at red light and drives into bike lane and then into traffic

Motorcyclist BLADE9 seems to be approaching the intersection in a bit of a hurry. He pulls up but only to take off again, almost hitting me and narrowly missing oncoming traffic.
The tiniest error here could have been a serious accident.

Driver turning left was on his cell phone and nearly hit another car plus a bicyclist (me).

Despite repeated calls of ‘Heads Up’ this idiot nearly took us both out on the bike path.

I was cycling East on St Luke’s Road in Bournemouth, hand-signalling to turn right into Lonsdale Road and positioned myself into the centre of the road when a moped hurtled past me and shot into Lonsdale Road in front of me. He could quite easily collided with me or hit any car emerging from Lonsdale Road itself.

I wait at the stoplights to cross the intersection when green. Then car went through red light !

Passed by a number of what appeared to be traveling/camping cyclist, one forgot which side of the trail he belonged on even with the flashing light on.