While negotiating a roundabout in Fremantle, I am nearly T-boned by an elderly gentleman on a bicycle. I told him he needs to give way to which he started a big rant that I didn’t hang around to listen to.
To his credit he was out riding in the sunshine and he did have a helmet – which is more than what most Fremantle riders bother with.

Bike didn’t see me / didn’t look? Just turned across me….. to look at the lake

The other guy asked my why I didn’t use my bell. I was too busy braking.

Travelling in the middle of the bus lane and was close passed by a motorbike travelling at great speed in the bus lane between myself and another car so there was very little room to get past me safely – less than 2 feet actually. Reported to local police but they still would not take any action 🙁

The driver was beeping at me as I approached the roundabout. Once the van passes through the roundabout I go to set off and the driver nudges my bike, so I turn round again.

Descending rider was not paying attention, should have seen me ascending before the video even starts, nearly crashes into me on a sharp curve as he is completely in my lane

guy biking wrong way on 1 way cycleway

Half way through my 25 mile route with a couple of buddies, this United States Postal Service (USPS) driver thought it would be best to ride right in front of us and immediately turn off. No turn signal, no warning…There were no other cars on the road either.

Also, ignore the date and time on my cycliq cameras, I never update that and I know I need too!

Riding along a quiet bike path, called out “Passing left” twice to a jogger/cyclist pair. As I was passing them, the cyclist veered to the left. Quick evasive action led to missing her front wheel by inches. “Passing left”, does not mean “Move left”!