Riding along the Comber Greenway near Belfast I tried overtaking a lad on a bike who was riding with his hands off the handle bars. This circus act might be OK in an open space, but with walkers and other riders around it was just stupid. The rider drifted towards me as I started to pass. It’s amazing how he seemed to start using the bars again afterwards! [forgot to sync the time after DST came into effect over night]

Near miss with Mum on a cargo bike with child on back decides to run Red light totally oblivious to anything around her.
Then complains when she catches up to me that she did not appreciate being yelled at.
Tough Sh*t, RED light means Stop.

A cyclist approaches the wrong way on the cycle lane. No shirt, no helmet, no brain.

Idiot on a bicycle WITHOUT a helmet crosses the road between stopped cars and doesn’t look before crossing into the path of oncoming cyclists.

I just start to take off from the lights when a cyclist without a helmet shoots across in front of me.

– must get in front – Close pass
White Land Rover driver SW17 TVO
Davieland Road, Glasgow approaching Rouken Glen Road Junction
26 Nov 2023 Sunday about 1:45pm
White Vehicle make LAND ROVER
Date of first registration July 2017
Year of manufacture 2017
Cylinder capacity 1999 cc
CO₂ emissions 134 g/km
Fuel type DIESEL
Revenue weight 2350 kg

Two teenagers riding in the opposite direction, one riding down the center line is not paying attention, and only at the last second realises there is oncoming traffic and panics, swerving across in front of me. Then started gesturing and yelling something at me like it obviously wasn’t his fault.