riding in a large group, our ride leaders called out that there were dogs up ahead and it didn’t take long for us to reach three large mix breed dogs just standing their ground in the middle of the road. the first was smart and ran to the shoulder while the other two chase us for several yards before realizing they were heavily outnumbered.

Hidden around a blind corner is a dog off lead in the middle of the cycle path. Two walkers walking behind the dog were taking a short cut through the scrub and oblivious to me approaching.
Sorry for the f-bomb but it’s hard to remain calm when you encounter amblivious people – Serenity Now!

Close Call Animal Encounters

You wouldn’t believe these if they weren’t on camera!

Goose lurking in the shadows, dives for front wheel of tandem, barely misses.

Riding a gravel Recreation Path, I was almost bitten by an aggressive dog. He came flying out of the woods to my left and then chased me. Looks (and sounds) like the owner shocked him just before he bit my ankle.

Close encounter with a Wallaby, cycling the South Island New Zealand (at about 4:20)

Couple of Skippys tried to take me down in the AM

parrot flies close to fly 12 watch it in slow motion