White van driver jumps into my lane abruptly, meaning I have to vacate my space… abruptly

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It's not that Maler-Grab.ch of Thal's diminutive van driver didn't see me - my Fly12's light strobes like crazy, and I'd been following him for about half a mile. However, it appears that he was in the wrong lane, and decided to just drive into the "correct" lane, but unfortunately, I was in the lane where he wanted to be. I moved out of the way by reflex (thankfully nobody was to the right of me), but what bad, useless, careless driver. Perhaps he has advanced glaucoma and needs his eyes checked?

A bit of a lament now. This is by far not the worst incident I've experienced, but the problem is, in Switzerland, if I report these terrible drivers with concrete evidence from the Cycliq cameras, the first thing the police will ask me to justify is "Why were you filming?" and there's a presumption any cyclist filming simply wants to film this to place on Social Media! I was told this (socially) by a Swiss Judge! IT tallies with other examples of car dashcam footage (from a Tesla, of an Audi driving terribly badly) being excluded as evidence from Swiss court trials - with the implication of precedence that although dashcams aren't illegal to use, the footage seems to be pretty worthless for exactly the purpose UpRide exists for.


Incident location

Incident details

Date of incident
20/11/2023 08:05AM
Incident type
Close call
Location of incident
Wipkingerplatz 5, 8037 Zürich, Switzerland