Totally blind corner, totally crazy manoeuvre!

748 views | June 12, 2022

Incident type: Close call
Location of incident: The Rake, Keswick, CA12 4RJ, United Kingdom


We were riding on a long downhill section at 40-60kph (about 25-37mph). First car passes us, but waits behind the guy cycling in front, because of an approaching blind corner. This is an unrestricted road, so cars can travel up to 96.5kph (60mph), conditions permitting. The delivery driver gives plenty of room (to traffic going in his direction), but seems oblivious to the fact that a vehicle could emerge in the opposite direction at any moment, and performs one of the most dangerous manoeuvres to be seen. The cyclist riding in the opposite direction seems fortunately oblivious to how near he came to taking his last ride that day!