Riding Straight line to a road-narrows and struck from behind by truck/trailer

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Riding in front of a school on Saturday and approaching sudden narrowing for a cross walk so merged (well before anyone approached from behind) in order to ride straight into the narrrows.
After the incident, the driver pulled off-road and ran back to see if I was hurt, offering help, and saying "there wasn't room for me to go around you". I was mildly concussed and said something like "no worries, I'll just keep going" (heard on the audio) Got back on and did about another 10k before realizing I wasn't thinking clearly had hip pain (previous hip replacement) and had to stop.
When home I could barely walk... luckily no hip or pelvis fracs... just lots of road rash and a MIPS helmet write-off.
Local police took statement and my vids and screenshots and promised to get to the driver. I'd mentioned his quote, and that he had no front license plate (not legal in BC) Also mentioned that he hit me 5 seconds (40 meters at 26kmh) before the parking lane ended. We'll see.


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Date of incident
21/10/2023 03:12PM
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Location of incident
Somenos Road, Duncan, British Columbia V9L 4E7, Canada